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Old 31 Hume Highway           …..Australia’s Route 66




The Hume Highway, now known as the Hume Freeway and Hume Motorway, is one of Australia's major inter-city highways, running for 807 kilometres (501 mi) between Melbourne and Sydney.

In 1819 Governor Lachlan Macquarie ordered the construction of a road, which became known as the Great South Road and was commenced by Surveyor-General Thomas Mitchell in 1833.

Mitchell's route, except for various bypasses (dual carriageways were completed in 1986) is still largely followed by the current highway.

Until it was named the Hume Highway in 1928 it was known as the "Great South Road" in NSW and "Sydney Road" in Victoria. It was named after Hamilton Hume who, with William Hovell, were the first Europeans to traverse an overland route between Sydney and Port Phillip, in what later became Victoria.

Duplication works on the highway began in the 1960s and concluded in 2013. The entire route between Sydney and Melbourne is now a dual carriageway, limited access highway.

It used to be an adventure, The Old Hume, Highway 31. A kind of antipodean version of America’s cult road Route 66, winding and thundering its way through dozens of towns now all but of the map.  Like Old 66, the Hume was a commercial lifeline, a commuter track, a holiday path, a geographic link. So many places fed off the Hume in the lives of city and country folk alike.

Realworld Travel is proud to present The Hume, Old 31, as its’ flagship Australian tour.

We’ll take you along stretches of the original road; show you original river crossings, roadside cafes and servos along old main streets. We’ll describe the historical features along the way and immerse you in a time almost lost to history.

We’ll introduce you to famous catchcries such as, The First and last, Pretty Sally, Ned Kelly’s last stand, the submarine at Holbrook, the Big Merino, and The Dog on the Tuckerbox among many others.

It’s a ten day self-drive tour taking you from Melbourne right through to Sydney and returning along the stunning South Coast using the Princess Highway back to Melbourne.